Normlösa Church

Parish name  "lösa" means "pasture, meadow" but “Norm” is unclear. At Normlösa Bishop Farm is a vaulted cellar, called Brask cellar, with an inscription on the stone arch over the door IHS - xp (Jesus Christ) in 1475. The porch (where weapons were placed before entering ) house two runestone fragments.

The old church was 18 x 12 "alnar" ( 35,07 x 23,38 ft ) and of the same type as the churches of Hov and Östra Skrukeby, but with choir and absid. Probably it was like those built by the king who owned the farm Normlösa. Attached to the church was/is a tower in the west. It was built later than the church, but was included in the original plan, as can be shown in the wall up on the west side. The tower was unusually broad. If the church was to come before the 1170's, when Normlösa courtyard already was donated to the bishop of the King - 1178 mentions to belong to the bishop  - should the tower have been built by Bishop KOL. The door of the church south entrance confirming the date of the church. It is of the same type as Kaga (which is the oldest), Hov and Ö Skrukeby, which are dated to the period after middle of 1200 century

Much thanks to the bishops  Normlösa became to be a rich church. Its walls are partially preserved in the present church, which is most of western and southern walls. Two or three windows were on the south side. One of these is completely preserved and is visible from the grandstand.


Texts epitafium Vicar Eschilli +1570 ( Latin )    ( Svenska )